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Through Shelter, We Empower and Improve Lives

Urban Equity Group, is an integrated network of companies concentrated on real estate opportunities.  Our mission is to identify and acquire distressed real estate properties.  We then rehab, remodel and convert them back to safe and secure properties.  Once completed, we manage and dispose of these properties as real estate opportunities for investors to  collect consistent cash flow while waiting for future capital appreciation.

Why Real Estate

  • Cash flow from day one
  • Passive income
  • Tax benefits
  • Own a tangible asset
  • Build long-term wealth
  • Buy with leverage
  • Hedge on inflation
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Uncorrelated to the stock market

Advisors Are Here to Help

Whether you’re a savvy investor looking for multiple buys or a first-timer ready to crack into the lucrative real-estate market, we will assist you every step of the away.

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