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An Introduction to Urban Equity Group, Inc


Founded in 2009, Urban Equity Group USA, Inc has grown to a full-spectrum real estate acquisition, management, rehabilitation, and liquidation company.  Expanding its business footprint to include residential rehabilitation, property management, private lending, and real estate brokerage.

Urban Equity Group is deeply committed to streamline the business process for client partners such as financial institutions, asset companies, banks, and loan servicing firms.

Urban Equity Group, has received numerous accolades through its subsidiaries Firm Real Estate Group, like the new and upcoming real estate brokerage awards 2016 & 2017.  And Firm Property Management, for excellence in property management award 2016 & 2017 by West Palm Beach award program.

At Urban Equity Group, we promote an environment that is rooted in the social entrepreneurial spirit in which the company was founded. This means fostering an open approach to assisting social needs, technology innovation that delivers effective solutions for all community challenges. We believe technology is essential for community development success and that it should be used to promote affordable housing to everyone. Transforming community redevelopment and development affordable to everyone.


Short Sale, Foreclosure & Eviction, Property Preservation, Property Management, Asset Liquidation, and Affordable Housing.

Industry Real Estate | Finance | Management | Marketing  Type Privately Held  Company Size 1-10 employees  Founded 2009

Subsidiaries Companies

Strategic Subsidiary Companies

In addition to an experienced staff and executive team, Urban Equity Group deliver best in class services and solutions to all its valuable clients and their customers. We have established strategic subsidiaries companies to ensure success, profitability, and longevity. Urban Equity Group also establishes  strategic partnerships and alliances to ensure superior service on their ability to accomplish more on a client (or project) specific basis while ensuring sustainability and mutual benefit. Extensive due diligence is conducted on all potential partners and partners are selected based on a strategic analysis of the market sector, target audience, servicing synergies, and their comprehensive understanding of Urban Equity Group’s objectives, goals, and principles. The partner’s core values, vision, credibility, reputation, and integrity are also integral to the decisions process.


Licenses & Accreditation

Urban Equity Group, through it’s subsidiary company Firm Real Estate Group a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in the State of Florida, USA.  Member in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Urban Equity Group and its subsidiaries maintains the necessary licensing, insurance, and bonding to perform all services in a fully-compliant manner (on local, state, and federal levels). Additionally, all asset managers and associated brokers and agents are required to attend regular training and compliance seminars (either in person or via an online webinar). Call center representatives and supervisors are required to complete FDCPA and teleservices compliance training upon hire, are re-certified on an annual basis, and receive regular compliance update training. Industry associations and memberships ensure a constant flow of pertinent regulatory updates and training topics in addition to critical business relationships. Current industry associations and affiliations include: View Entire List

Social Responsibility

Urban Equity Group, is dedicated to providing safe, secure and affordable housing to distressed urban communities, which suffer from high foreclosure, abandoned homes and commercial properties.

Urban Equity Group, is committed to minimizing the negative impacts and acting in a sustainable responsible manner, meeting the needs of their clients without compromising work standards or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To this end, Urban Equity Group, has made corporate commitments to the strategic redeployment of assets (properties), community revitalization, and environmental sustainability.

Urban Equity Group encourages all employees and vendors to reduce the production of waste through the use of electronic communications, unless a client requests otherwise all quotes, invoices, and other communications are sent via email (or secure FTP transmission). This saves on paper and carbon miles for postage.

Lights, computers, and appliances are turned off (or unplugged) when not in use. Electronic documentation and imaging is utilized to provide a paperless filing option.

Misprints are reused as scratch paper and/or shred for packing materials paper where possible. Recycled office supplies (e.g. toner, paper, etc) are purchased when and where possible to reuse available resources.

At the end of its practical life hardware is cleared of information and passed to the local electronic recycling facility or equivalent, to be refurbished or used as parts. Paper recycling/shredding receptacles are strategically located around the office. Recycling receptacles are located in the employee break-room.

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